Common Cooker Hood Issues and How to Repair Them

A kitchen hood is an example of a simple appliance which we usually use with hundreds of large and small moving parts as well as complete circuitry. Kitchen hoods might vary significantly in their outward look however, when you see behind the façade, you’ll find that they are all very basic with few parts which are well hidden underneath the covers. Actually, this is great news. The lesser the parts, the simpler it is to identify the problem and repair it. But first, you still need to know more about the various kitchen hood parts.  

While there may be some small varieties, almost all brands of kitchen hoods will have similar basic structures with only few parts. The following are some of the vital parts which you will find in almost all kitchen hoods and why they need kitchen exhaust cleaning Charlotte: 

  1. Light Bulb and Light Bulb Holder

Different brands of kitchen hoods use different colored bulbs and these are repaired placed into the light bulb holder. 

  1. Motor

This is the primary component of the cooker hood. The motor does all the task of pulling in all sorts of gases and exhausting it out of the area. In addition to that, the smells from your kitchen are being drawn in and vented away from the area. 

  1. Control Switch

Control switch is sometimes called the printed circuit board or the PCB. It basically aids to regulate the motor speed and the lights as well. Some of the highly advanced types of kitchen hoods come with a remote controller instead of a traditional control switch system. 

If there is an issue with your kitchen hood, you will usually find that it’ll be in one of the 4 components including: 

The Light Will Not Turn On 

It is fairly simple issue and is likely the most frequent complain when talking about kitchen hood problems even though it is more common seen in the low-quality kitchen hoods compared to the more expensive and higher quality ones. A lot of individuals leave their kitchen hoods lights on – a habit that you must not do – and this might be one of the primary reasons why the lights in your kitchen hoods usually fail.  

When the lights in your kitchen hood are left on, it may heat up the plastic parts surrounding it such as the electric modules and lamp holders which cause several associated problems. This issue, as a matter of fact, is actually very easy to solve. Always make sure that your kitchen hood lights are turned off when not in use. 

Kitchen Hood is not Releasing Kitchen Air as Effectively as it Should 

This problem is very common when the kitchen hood has been newly installed and fortunately, this issue does not persist. You’ll find that it still operates fine after a few more days. However, if the issue happens a few weeks or even months after you have started using your kitchen hood, it could mean the filters haven’t been cleaned properly or there’s a problem in its vent that exhausts the air outside. 


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